JAZALO Giveaway 2018

[:en]Ths Year 2018, The JAZALO Shoppe is giving away Voucher worth of RM50.00 Box for our lucky loyal JAZALOER on Instagram, selected based on the highest amount of likes on his Reposted Post by our JAZALO Team; each month!


So, guys! Wear our product proud and post it online. Tag @jazaloshoppe and we will repost it. And you get a chance to win the Voucher. Be active and tag your friends. You might be the winner this Month!

January 2018 Winner

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bes4dX9hrhK[:ms]Tahun 2018 ini, The JAZALO Shoppe memberikan Baucar bernilai RM50.00 kepada JAZALOER Instagram yang bertuah, dipilih berdasarkan jumlah Like yang terbanyak pada gambar mereka yg di-Repost oleh JAZALO Team; setiap Bulan!


Oleh itu, pakailah produk JAZALO dan bergambar serta hantar ke Intagram. Jangan lupa tag @jazaloshoppe. Jadi, aktiflah dan tag rakan-rakan anda. Anda mungkin pemenang bulan ini!

Pemenang January 2018


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