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ADD A NEW line

If you are interested in adding new line of merchandise for your existing business and need ideas, here’s a proven business solution that has been successful for over years… button'us.

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More importantly, button'us products have been sought out and purchased by thousands of consumers around Malaysia since 2013. Now, imagine that kind of retailing power helping you to boost your store sales.

button'us is actively looking to expand, and we’d love to put our best-selling products to work by making this new business ideas a reality. If you’re currently seeking a new line of merchandise for your existing business, button'us is ready to help.

Ready to learn more about how button'us can help your new business ideas succeed? All you have to do is buy the button'us business set at, …and we’re happy to personally contact you to answer any questions you might have.

Make your new business ideas a reality today…with button'us!

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You will receive a display set (Rotary Set), complete with 100 pieces of button badges.

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