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How long will it take if I make the payment by today?


#JAZALOFAQ – #TEMPOHPESANAN Soalan: Berapa lama saya boleh dapat barang jika saya bayar hari ini? Jawapan: Proses pesanan dan penghantaran akan mengambil masa seminggu selepas pembayaran disahkan. Polisi tempoh pesanan The JAZALO Shoppe adalah tujuh (7) hari. Dalam tempoh ini, pesanan akan dimasukkan ke sistem pesanan oleh bhgn khidmat pelanggan dan bhgn kewangan akan mengesahkan pembayaran yang dibuat. Maklumat pesanan akan dihantar ke bahagian operasi utk diproses. Selepas siap, proses pembungkusan dilakukan oleh bhgn pengeposan. Notifikasi pos akan dihantar melalui SMS setelah pengeposan dilakukan. Pesanan mungkin akan sampai lebih awal (seawal 2 hari) bergantung kepada aturan pesanan dan kelancaran proses oleh bhgn² terlibat.

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Ordering and delivery process will take up to a week after payment has been confirmed. Our ordering policy is seven (7) days. Within this period, order will be received by our Service Unit and entered the system. Our Finance Unit will confirm the payment made. Order slip will be sent to our Operation Unit to be processed. Once the product is manufactured and/or received, packing process will be started and out for delivery. Delivery notification will be sent via SMS once the shipping is done. Your order will be arrived at the recipient address earlier (as early as 2 days) depending on the process and the smooth flow with the Units.

Processing Times

Being responsive to your order is our priority and as a way to clarify the process, JAZALO has 3 classifications for the various types of orders:

  • Non-assembled ordered items, typically processed in 2-3 business days
  • Special orders may exceed 3 business days subject to availability of product
  • Personalised items (Custom Order T-shirts, etc) typically are processed within 10-14 business days

Note: If you elect one of our many customisation options (different type or colour of T-shirts, etc) additional time is required. These customisations may take up to an additional 1-2 weeks.

If your requirements are unique or have special arrangements (order expediting, delivery date assurance, or large volume orders) please contact us prior to you placing your order to ensure a successful buying experience. Such orders may incur special priority fees.

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