Why You Still Need A Website?


One question we’ve been asked multiple times by business owners is, “Do I really need a website if I already have a Facebook page?”

YES! 100% Yes!

No matter how amazing your Facebook page is, having a website will always be beneficial, especially during this competitive local business growth in Malaysia where information and credibility are key to attracting and retaining clients.

Why should a business have a website? More specifically, why do small businesses need a website? Surely for small business owners there’s enough to be dealing with already! Ultimately, you need to be responding to how your customers are behaving. Before trying out a new business or service, many people now turn to the Internet to make an informed choice about their purchase. This makes having an online presence essential for business success in the modern economy. The benefits of having a website when you run a small business are huge.

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How Much is the Shipping Fee?

How Much is the Shipping Fee?

How to Order?

How to Order?

#JAZALOFAQ – www.jazalo.com/faq Soalan: Macam mana nak buat pesanan di The JAZALO Shoppe? Jawapan: Pembelian produk-produk di The JAZALO Shoppe boleh dibuat secara online di www.jazalo.my atau melalui WhatsApp +601129191525. Walaupun The JAZALO Shoppe mempunyai kedai fizikal di Centrio Pantai Hillpark KL, pesanan perlu dibuat terlebih dahulu kerana tidak semua stok berada di kedai. Beli Online: www.jazalo.my Beli melalui WhatsApp: JAZALO Customer Care +601129191525 Selain itu, pesanan juga boleh dibuat melalui WhatsApp dengan #JAZALODealer yang berdaftar seperti berikut; Dealer @syahin_affshar +601131288814 (Selangor) Dealer @pizz.shop +60173826298 (Selangor) Dealer @nickolas_arthit +601112927010 (KL) Dealer @f4rih4n +60179867389 (UiTM Shah Alam) Dealer @tehganu +60199140431 (Terengganu) Dealer @_meen_s +60149058057 (Kedah) Dealer @muhxmmxd_xqil +601139333660 (Kelantan) Dealer @atie_lovelyshawl +60107653818 (Kelantan) Dealer @nurakhmal +60173896673 (KL) Dealer @rul_amen +60132664977 (KL) www.jazalo.com/faq

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Why Local Products Are Not Cheap?

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At this time in Malaysia, many local brands were born and they’re offering different cool concepts. Their quality is also as good as international brands. But still, we hear few people saying, “This local T-shirt is damn expensive, RMXX for just a Logo Tee, better buy one at X&X!”, etc.

Let’s see, why are local products are not cheap?

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Balance Payment


I made the payment using the Cash Deposit Machine which is not accepting RM1.00 notes. Will I get back the balance payment?


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Processing Time


How long will it take if I make the payment by today?


#JAZALOFAQ – #TEMPOHPESANAN Soalan: Berapa lama saya boleh dapat barang jika saya bayar hari ini? Jawapan: Proses pesanan dan penghantaran akan mengambil masa seminggu selepas pembayaran disahkan. Polisi tempoh pesanan The JAZALO Shoppe adalah tujuh (7) hari. Dalam tempoh ini, pesanan akan dimasukkan ke sistem pesanan oleh bhgn khidmat pelanggan dan bhgn kewangan akan mengesahkan pembayaran yang dibuat. Maklumat pesanan akan dihantar ke bahagian operasi utk diproses. Selepas siap, proses pembungkusan dilakukan oleh bhgn pengeposan. Notifikasi pos akan dihantar melalui SMS setelah pengeposan dilakukan. Pesanan mungkin akan sampai lebih awal (seawal 2 hari) bergantung kepada aturan pesanan dan kelancaran proses oleh bhgn² terlibat. www.jazalo.com/faq

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Order Status

1. Payment Processing

Methods of Payment

We accept major credit cards, checks, money orders and bank transfers. In addition, we accept Purchase Orders from government-funded and corporate entities. However, we DO NOT accept COD orders or international or club credit cards. All credit terms are subject for approval.

For you convenience, we accept the following as forms of payment:

Major credit cards (Visa and Master Card) via senangPay
Personal and company checks issued by Malaysia-based banks by mail
All money orders
Bank transfer

Payment Verification

Due to excessive fraudulent Internet activity, our payment verification process establishes financial security between both JAZALO and the consumer. At JAZALO, we utilize the following payment verification methods:

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS – Billing and shipping addresses must be verified with the cardholder’s bank. To expedite the payment processing, we recommend customers ensure that the address information including secondary shipping address is registered with the bank prior to order submission.
MAILED PERSONAL AND COMPANY CHECKS – must be cleared before the order is processed, which may take up to 10 business days.
BANK TRANSFERS – Date and Time of transaction is required before the order is processed, which may take up to 24 hours.

NOTE: All purchase orders are subject to credit pre-approval.

Additional information regarding available payment methods and payment verification procedures can be obtained by contacting our Finance Unit.


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JAZALO Customer Care

JAZALO believes that communication is key to the success of our business; therefore, if you need to contact us, we offer several methods to best serve you:

Facebook Messenger

Messenger: www.m.me/jazaloshoppe
Everyday / Anytime

WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp: +601129191525
Everyday / Anytime

Note: We use your mobile number only to answer your questions,
it will not be saved or passed on.

Queries via WhatsApp/Messenger

Questions regarding JAZALO Products and Services?
You need a tip?
Send us your questions via WhatsApp/Messenger!

Order/Book via WhatsApp/Messenger

Want to order products from The JAZALO Shoppe or book services by JAZALO Business Partners?
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E-mail Address

General E-mail Address: mail@jazalo.com