JAZALO Giveaway 2018

Ths Year 2018, The JAZALO Shoppe is giving away Voucher worth of RM50.00 Box for our lucky loyal JAZALOER on Instagram, selected based on the highest amount of likes on his Reposted Post by our JAZALO Team; each month!


So, guys! Wear our product proud and post it online. Tag @jazaloshoppe and we will repost it. And you get a chance to win the Voucher. Be active and tag your friends. You might be the winner this Month!

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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy Deepavali!

#JAZALOWISHES Mengucapkan, Selamat Hari Deepavali! #DIWALI www.jazalo.com/wishes

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KLMAX Gen Gemilang

August is here! And our National Day is just around the corner.

In conjunction of this celebration, KLMAX has launched its latest collection with Malaysian-themed Jalur Gemilang’s inspiration.

If you’re looking for something that is Malaysian, to be worn during the parade of 60th National Day on 31 August 2017 at Dataran Merdeka or anytime, anywhere and proud to be Malaysian, you might want to grab this piece!

Introducing the KLMAX Gen Gemilang!

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JAZALO Merdeka 2017

Let’s check out Merdeka Collections available from us!

#JAZALODEAL #MERDEKA2017 – www.jazalo.my/merdeka Mula mencari barangan bertemakan Malaysia sempena Hari Kebangsaan dan Hari Malaysia nanti? #JAZALOMERDEKA Dapatkan Promosi #MERDEKA60 yang menarik bagi produk-produk terpilih dari jenama-jenama lokal yang blh didapati di The JAZALO Shoppe sehingga 18/9/17! Promosi terpilih boleh dinikmati dengan pembelian melalui Messenger, WhatsApp dan www.jazalo.my sahaja. Layari www.jazalo.my/merdeka utk melihat promosi ini dan gunakan kod promo MERDEKA untuk diskaun tambahan! Atau hubungi melalui Messenger di www.m.me/jazaloshoppe Atau WhatsApp +601129191525 atau klik www.jazalo.com/whatsapp Apa tunggu lagi?! Jom sama² kongsi berita gembira bersama rakan² baik anda. 🎈 www.jazalo.com/deal

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